FGA Cloth Badge
Cloth Badge Original Artwork

FGA Cloth Badge


These cloth badges let you add a little bit of FGA to your own gear!

  • 80mm diameter
  • Crisp embroidered cloth badge
  • Can be ironed or sewn on
  • Deep green and burgundy colours on a cream background

If you're wanting to iron this one on:

  • Set the iron to "cotton" setting, no steam, and allow it to heat up fully
  • Place the badge where you want it on the item
  • Cover badge with cloth (such as a teatowel or pillowcase)
  • Press down with the iron, applying firm, even pressure for 10-30 seconds
  • If possible, turn the item inside out and press from the "wrong side" for another 10-30 seconds
  • Once cool you should be all set
We recommend washing any clothing with badges on them inside-out on a gentle, cold cycle, and don't put them in the dryer.